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Aluminum plastic separation machine

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With the rapid development trend of industrialization technology, more and more aluminum-plastic products have been widely used in everyone's daily life, and aluminum-plastic doors and Windows are also used by many door and window manufacturers because of their low cost, good fire resistance, convenient actual operation, strong installation and other characteristics. This has resulted in a lot of aluminum-plastic doors and Windows waste, aluminum-plastic doors and Windows sorting machine for aluminum-plastic doors and Windows waste separation and purification, to further improve the use of value.

Aluminum plastic crusher with tool steel, special tool, very durable, tool installation design can be adjusted telescopic, with blunt grinding can be repeatedly used, long service life. The mechanical tool holder for aluminum plastic crushing is a step shear design, which decomposes the cutting force and causes the cutting force to increase exponentially. Tool holder material is excellent tool steel, rigid and flexible reasonable, not easy to break or wear, using high strength steel screws (8.8 class) fastening, solid and durable structure. The main body of the aluminum plastic crusher is thick wall high-quality structural steel material, which can avoid affecting the mechanical properties due to long-term crushing materials. The main axis and double end face of the alumino-plastic crusher are processed by the high-precision coordinate machine at one time to ensure that the error of concentricity and verticality is not more than 0.05MM. Each component is set for the benchmark hole and surface to carry out rough and fine water processing twice, and the components are interchangeable and high precision.

Main features of aluminum plastic crusher:

The spindle rotation diameter is large, the capacity of the crushing chamber is large, the unique cutter shaft design has a strong grip on the hollow products, and the shell is made of solid welded steel structure, which has a wide range of versatility. According to the different crushing material, our company can provide different rotor design can also break the gate, pipe, profile, sheet, film and large nozzle material. The machine has many advantages such as economy, durability, easy cleaning, long service life, etc. The blade material is made of wear-resistant, tough SKD-11 alloy blade. Large hollow thin-wall plastic products, large hollow packaging boxes, large plastic boxes, plastic frames, refrigerator shells, TV plastic shells) plastic products can be directly broken without decomposition or flattening.

Application range of aluminum-plastic separation equipment:

This series of new aluminum-plastic grinding machine is a series of grinding machine developed by our factory absorbing domestic and foreign technology. Used for PVC plastics with low to medium hardness, high density PE, or other aluminum-plastic after trial grinding success. It has been proved by the practical operation of the professional factory of plastic products that the grinding powder is added 20%-30% calcium carbonate in the processing return visit, and the chemical and physical properties of its products remain the same as the new indicators and the output can reach 300kg. Therefore, the aluminum-plastic mill is the equipment for the plastic products factory to reduce costs and solve the accumulation of waste products.

Aluminum-plastic separation equipment features:

The aluminum-plastic mill is a new type of mill developed by our factory, its characteristics are as follows:

(1) Compared with the same type of mill, the output has been greatly increased under the same power (increased by 20%-50%). Save energy consumption;

(2) The dust collection device is added to effectively reduce dust pollution;

(3) The discharge design of the main fan reduces the labor intensity of the operator;

(4) The main engine door cover can be opened to facilitate maintenance and tool replacement;

(5) The use of feng shui double cooling, better reduce the working temperature in the body, the material developed is not easy to denature, but also conducive to the grinding of heat-sensitive plastics, part of PE, ABS grinding.

Working principle of aluminum-plastic separation equipment:

The working part of the machine is divided into cutter heads. The high-speed particles are partially crushed after hitting the tooth plate and extracted by suction air, while the larger particles continue to impact and are extracted after crushing. In this way, the cutter load is reduced, the grinding efficiency is improved, and the powder is uniformly cooled.

Advantages of aluminum-plastic separation equipment:

Low temperature is the main advantage of the machine. According to thermal energy equivalent: convert to 860 kcal of heat after work per hour. This machine is for external ventilation. Air volume up to 50m/KW From the inlet and outlet wind temperature difference, take away most of the heat. A small part of the heat is settled by water cooling. It is required that the inlet temperature of cold water is not greater than 25 ° C, the outlet water temperature is not greater than 45 ° C, and the cooling water flow is appropriately increased in summer to reduce the temperature.

Separation mode and production process of aluminum-plastic separator

VANEST environmental protection aluminum-plastic separation equipment adopts the new aluminum-plastic grinding into powder, electrostatic induction separation technology, and widely uses a variety of aluminum-plastic board, waste aluminum-plastic building decoration materials, aluminum-plastic board inner corner material, medicine board, glue board, whitening toothpaste bag, Wahaha Group bottle stopper and his aluminum-plastic composite hard raw materials acquisition solution. It can completely separate aluminum and plastic, and achieve the purpose of development and utilization, with high economic benefits. Raw materials are not the same, the equipment is not the same, according to the amount of aluminum composition, thickness and plastic characteristics, use value and productivity, the selection of different separation methods and production processes.

Separation mode and production process of aluminum-plastic separator Energy-saving aluminum-plastic plate separation manufacturing production process commonly used equipment: aluminum-plastic plate classification - crusher - crusher complete equipment equipment - bucket lift machine - electrostatic induction separation - aluminum and plastic.

Energy-saving aluminum-plastic drug board manufacturing production process common equipment: aluminum-plastic drug board classification - crusher - medicine board special electric heater separator - roller round screen - electrostatic induction separator - medicine board plastic and medicine board aluminum platinum.

Aluminum-plastic raw materials are widely used in a variety of products, prompting the use of aluminum and plastic is also increasing, although the equipment and raw material industry continues to develop trend of independent innovation, but waste aluminum-plastic separation acquisition to solve the whole industry chain is still encountering many problems, new materials, new technology and new process is the future development prospects, It is also a higher regulation clearly proposed for future equipment. How to create a physical and mental health, sustainability will waste aluminum plastic to solve the acquisition of equipment to upgrade is important. At this stage, the waste aluminum-plastic nitric oxide synthase on the sales market is throwing piles everywhere, which not only harms the overall appearance of the big city but also ininvisible environmental pollution of the natural environment, which provides a breakthrough for the aluminum-plastic separation acquisition equipment, VANEST environmental protection aluminum-plastic separation equipment is an environmentally friendly and pollution-free equipment.

The aluminum-plastic separator can realize the function of sorting and extracting materials twice in one equipment, which can make metal sorting twice and plastic sorting twice, and the purity is higher. Aluminum-plastic separator is widely used in metal and non-metal separation and recycling projects, aluminum-plastic separator low energy consumption, low noise, high output, no dust environmental protection. The details of the aluminum-plastic separator make for a perfect development path.

The principle of the aluminum-plastic separator is that the high voltage static electricity generated by the high pressure generating device inside the equipment is discharged into the ground rotating roller, and the material to be sorted is uniformly lowered to the rotating roller through the special feeding device. After receiving electricity, the conductor material puts electricity into the ground through the ground rotating roller. Coupled with the inertia of the rotating roller, the conductor material is thrown into the conductor hopper. After the non-conductor material is electrically charged, due to its poor conductivity, it adsorbs on the surface of the rotating roller, and falls into the non-conductor hopper with the brush sweeping as the roller turns to the back. Part of the conductor and non-conductor materials fall into the medium material receiving hopper due to different reasons such as roller speed, equipment baffle adjustment distance, material particle size and the amount of electricity received, and enter the charging machine and enter the discharging device again for sorting.

Aluminum-plastic separator uses high-voltage electrostatic method to separate conductor material and non-conductor material, metal and non-metallic separation of a device, electrostatic separation is the use of materials in the high-voltage piezoelectric field electrical differences to achieve the purpose of separation, when the material through the rotating drum to the corona electrode action of high-voltage electric field, the material by a variety of power, centrifugal force, gravity reuse. Due to the different electrical properties of various materials, the different stress states make the trajectory of the material fall different, thus separating the metal from the non-metallic mixture.

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