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The revolutionary new electrostatic separator from VANEST provides the only known method of separating some important minerals and removing or recovering metals from certain recycled materials. Separation occurs by induced an electrostatic charge into a conductive dry-liberated particle. Electrostatic separators are commonly used in conjunction with high-intensity magnetic separators. The electrostatic technology is successfully used in the mineral processing, plastics and recycling industries, although there is a continual expansion in the application of the technology.

High voltage electrostatic separation equipment, also known as electrostatic separator, is the use of the difference in material conductivity, in the combination of high voltage corona electric field and high voltage electrostatic electric field in the compound electric field, under the action of electric power and mechanical force, to achieve the separation of materials.

High voltage electrostatic separator is a new set of environmental protection equipment for metal and non-metal, ABS/PS/ submerged PP, ABS/ABS alloy /, PS/PET/PVC, PA/PE/PO and other hybrid plastics screening. The understanding and data view of the existing waste plastic electrostatic separator can not produce much, and in this equipment with a relatively high degree of automation, the technology can not be relatively ineffective.

Electrostatic separator

After receiving electricity, the conductor material puts electricity into the ground through the ground rotating roller. Coupled with the inertia of the rotating roller, the conductor material is thrown into the conductor hopper. After the non-conductor material is electrically charged, due to its poor conductivity, it adsorbs on the surface of the rotating roller, and falls into the non-conductor hopper with the brush sweeping as the roller turns to the back. Part of the conductor and non-conductor materials fall into the medium material receiving hopper due to different reasons such as roller speed, equipment baffle adjustment distance, material particle size and the amount of electricity received, and enter the charging machine and enter the discharging device again for sorting.

Our advantage

Intelligent control: The control part adopts Siemens PLC and 11-inch touch screen, user-friendly operation, and various functions are clear at a glance.

Separation purity: The accuracy of single separation of crushed particles is more than 98%, the second separation can be close to 100%, and the separation purity is good.

Electrostatic separation: 2- 3 kinds of different types of mixed materials are separated into a output of 1000kg/ hour by electrostatic means.

How it works:

First, the mixed copper-plastic mixture is mentioned in the electrostatic separator by the elevator. There are three discharge ports on the equipment, (one copper, one non-metal and waste, one mixed material), and the mixed material is lifted into the electrostatic separator by the elevator to separate the metal from the non-metal.


Separation of metal and non-metal mixture particles.

The conductor and non-conductor are separated.

Aluminum plastic waste recycling equipment, copper plastic waste recycling equipment, waste circuit board recycling equipment, copper rice machine supporting products.

Mineral sorting.

Carbon extraction.

Extraction of metal particles and powder metal from grinding wheel ash.

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