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  • Lead Acid Battery Recycling Machine
  • Lead Acid Battery Recycling Machine
Lead Acid Battery Recycling MachineLead Acid Battery Recycling Machine

Lead Acid Battery Recycling Machine

Due to resource constraints and the need to control the environment, countries around the world attach great importance to the recycling of used batteries.

Based on this situation, VANEST Machinery developed a new type of waste battery recycling equipment, which is of great significance to battery recycling. Our waste battery dismantling machine meets the requirements of contemporary economic development and is an environmentally friendly machine.


Lead Acid Battery Recycling Machine is suitable for recycling all kinds of lead-acid batteries, such as automotive battery, car batteries, truck battery, electric vehicle batteries, motorcycle batteries, electric bicycle battery, some unconventional batteries etc.

Final product:

The final products of Lead Acid Battery Recycling Machine are lead and plastic shell.

Performance characteristics:

1. Full automatic working, save labor.
2. Suitable structure and layout, stable performance.
3. Production line installation is convenient.
4. Production line can adopt to different venues.
5. Environmental friendly production line.
6. Made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and corrosion-resistant.

Separating section: pure phycisal separation.

Process Overview:

Firstly the scrap lead acid battery will be separated by the "Battery Separating machine". The final products of separation section is plastic, lead, acid. The coarse lead can be refined by Smelting Section.

And then you can choose the Cupola Furnace to get the refined lead ingot if you want to get deeply recycle. As for the Smelting Section, there is also Air Pollution Purify System to meet the environmental protection policy.

Installation Options:

VANEST Machinery can offer start-up and installation as an additional option. We can provide full support as you get your system up and running. We have installation technicians and technical representatives so that we can help you with video connection online to make sure the system is running as it should.
● Design and build the equipment to your specifications
● Load, ship, and unload equipment
● Help you install and assemble equipment
● Electrical and plumbing connections
● Train employees
● Debug any issues and solve any equipment/installation troubles

All units and systems are complete with manuals and telephone support. However, if you need someone to come to your facility, we will be happy to quote you on that as well.

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