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Lithium battery recycling machine

Lithium and cobalt are becoming more expensive due to the rapid growth of lithium-ion batteries market in the electric car industry.  This has led to increased demand in the lithium-ion battery recycling market.

VANEST Machinery is a manufacturer of lithium-ion battery recycling equipment in a low-cost and environmentally friendly way.

Battery recycling machine can recycle waste Electric vehicle battery, Laptop & Phone Battery, Soft Packing Battery, Hardshell lithium battery, 18650 Cylindrical lithium battery, Power Bank Battery, Positive and negative plates etc.

Final product:
Black Powder (Graphite & Lithium Compound etc), Aluminum and Copper.

Performance characteristics:
●  For the recycling of used lithium batteries, it has played a greater economic benefit.
●  The recycling and sorting technology of lithium battery recycling equipment improves the recycling efficiency of lithium battery and achieves automatic sorting technology.
●  The separation process adopts the physical separation method, and there is no waste water, chemicals, waste gas, and a large amount of dust in the process.

Process Overview:
The working principle of the process is mainly completed according to the process of crushing first, then screening, and then sorting.
The overall process realizes the purpose of crushing the positive and negative electrode plates, extracting the diaphragm, screening the carbon powder, high-speed rubbing of copper and aluminum, complete stripping of the positive electrode material and the separation of copper and aluminum.

This set of equipment consists of:
● Conveyor
● Shredder
● 32 bag pulse dust removal options
● Conveyor
● Two-stage crushing machine
● Screening equipment
● Cyclone feeder
● Gravity separator
● Pulse Dust Collector (96 bags)
● Material air delivery system
● Dust collection system
● Optional (Material collection bin and other equipment)

The raw materials are first sent to the shredder by the conveyor, the role of the shredder is to cut the raw materials first. (optional)

The mixed material after being opened by the secondary crusher is collected by the collector and sent to the linear screening machine for screening and extraction of the diaphragm, while the carbon black in the negative plate is separated out, the separated copper and the positive electrode material of the positive electrode sheet, through the 14 grinding machine to rub the copper and aluminum and at the same time the positive material is completely stripped, through the ultrasonic screen for classification. The copper-aluminum mixture is also separated by a wind shaker.

The copper and aluminum that are ground into high density are sent to the gravity separator by another set of wind conveying system. The separation rate is about 95%.

Installation Options:
VANEST Machinery can offer start-up and installation as an additional option. We can provide full support as you get your system up and running. We have installation technicians and technical representatives so that we can help you with video connection online to make sure the system is running as it should.
● Design and build the equipment to your specifications
● Load, ship, and unload equipment
● Help you install and assemble equipment
● Electrical and plumbing connections
● Train employees
● Debug any issues and solve any equipment/installation troubles

All units and systems are complete with manuals and telephone support. However, if you need someone to come to your facility, we will be happy to quote you on that as well.

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