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Mini PCB recycling machine


PCB Boards recycling of electrical cards, electronic cards, printed circuit boards and motherboards.

PCB Boards recycling VANEST has developed a series of compact machines (PCB Compact) and recycling lines (PCB LINE) which are easy to use and maintain, to enable the recycling of electrical cards, electronic boards, printed circuit boards and motherboards (PCB's – Printed Circuit Board).PCB Boards reduction accurate design of the machines allows to drastically reduce the loss of precious metals, making the recycling activity profitable and attractive even for small-medium sized operators.

VANEST eco-friendly circuit board recycling equipment can environmentally recover printed circuit boards, namely PCB electronic components, copper, non-metal (mainly glass fiber and resin) for separation. After the PCB light plate is manually placed on the belt conveyor to the two-stage crusher for crushing into particles, the copper and non-metal in the PCB are separated and recovered through three-stage grinding, wind classification, gravity classification, screening classification and high-voltage electrostatic sorting machine. Air gravity separation and high voltage electrostatic separation have high purity.

VANEST circuit board recycling equipment Environmental protection process:

The circuit board is sent to the shredding and crushing machine by the conveyor.

Shred the circuit board to 3-5 cm and then fall directly into the crusher.

The broken particles reach 1-2 cm, and then by the feed screw into the three-stage grinding machine for grinding.

The grinding machine belongs to the integrated water-cooled grinding, grinding under the condition of ensuring the normal temperature of the machine, the mesh number reaches 50-80 mesh.

The grinding machine comes with a grading screening machine, in the grinding process to meet the required mesh of the circuit board powder into the next link, can not meet the requirements of the recycling.

50-80 destination circuit board powder into the next link of the wind specific gravity separator, according to the specific gravity of copper powder and resin fiber powder for primary separation, you can separate about 70% of the metal powder.

The powder separated by the specific gravity separator and the powder pumped by the upper air enters the pulse dust collector, and the powder discharged by the pulse dust collector contains a small amount of copper powder, which is then sent into the high voltage electrostatic separation equipment by the wind charging machine for the next step of separation.

VANEST circuit board recycling equipment process features advantages:

Crushing using hob type four-axis shredding and hammer type combination crushing with grinding machine, water-cooled crushing box, materials through multi-level crushing materials into (50-80 mesh) powder, and then by air sorting, specific gravity sorting, high voltage electrostatic sorting equipment for sorting.

The processing capacity of the production line is large, the sorting effect is good, the energy consumption is less than one feeding multi-machine cooperation, the production line is all controlled by plc, VANEST environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment to ensure the quality of recycled copper, but also to prevent secondary pollution, the copper recovery rate can reach more than 98% after separation.

Circuit board recycling equipment adopts multi-stage crushing of waste circuit board processing to make it a mixed powder of circuit board resin fiber powder and copper powder, and then separates metal powder and resin fiber powder through wind specific gravity separation and high voltage electrostatic separation process route. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, air pulse dust removal device is added behind the air specific gravity separator. Effectively solve the problem of dust pollution. VANEST Environment-friendly circuit board recycling equipment Its environmental protection system will collect the dust and odor generated by the PCB electrical sorting system, dust and odor removal, and then discharge to meet the environmental assessment standards. The circuit board that has removed or has not removed the electronic components is broken and separated, and the metal and non-metal in the circuit board are effectively separated.

VANEST proposes four models of compact systems – Compact Line PCBs – with capacities up to 4000 kg/h, and realizes dedicated lines on customer request for higher productions.

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